Thursday, November 20, 2014

What Do You Really Know About Lamps

Most consumers only know that lamps sit or stand, many have shades, some sort of bulb for illumination and probably need to be plugged into a wall somewhere at sometime. For this reason, lets' take a look at a few varieties of lamps that are used more commonly.
Table Lamps – These are the most commonly used lamp, providing lighting for more living areas than probably any other form. They can be tall or short, slender or fat, have rectangular shades or traditional rounded shaped shades and are often used in pairs.
Buffet Lamps – More sleek in design, most are mid-height to tall, generally not more than 36” high, and have smaller bases and shades. Often very decorative, these are excellent for hunt boards, low chests, sofa tables and other such medium height furniture and use as accents for such.
Floor Lamps – Tall, and usually sleek in design, floor lamps can add depth to an area of a room while adding just the right amount of light. Floor lamps can make a bold statement, or become a delicate addition.
Desk Lamps – These can be short to medium in height. They can be slender or chunky. Swing-arm lamps are popular in this grouping, as are the traditional piano lamp. Desk lamps are designed to give light to a specified area, not to light an entire room.
Accent Lamps – This is where the fun comes in . These are the non-traditional lamps. Fun and unique lamps that add just an bit of something extra to your décor.
This is the short list. There are so many additional styles of lamps that deciding on the right one can be difficult. When selecting your lamp, consider your life style and needs. Don't select a style just because it's cute if it's functionality isn't right. Consider the color scheme of your room. Does the lamp you are wanting fit the color scheme? Is the shade the right style for your other décor? Are you looking for something in a ceramic, metal or crystal base? What shape shade do you need.
These are all serious considerations for your lamp selections, so let assist you in making your selections from their broad selection. You'll be glad you went to the professionals for the assistance. Design and functionality. Be a winner at both with and their offerings.